Clergy Blames Bad Leadership For Nigeria’s Woes


Akin Akande, Abuja

As the nation marked its 53-independence anniversary, an Abuja based Pastor, Adebayo Babatunde Olusegun, has blamed the nation’s various problems on bad leadership.

The General Overseer of The World Overcomers’ Ministries, Abuja, lamented the fact that the inability of leadership of the nation to address the problem of bad leadership gave birth to other serious problems facing the nation today.

Speaking during a special program organised by the Church to mark the independence anniversary, Pastor Babatunde identified unemployment, lack of equitable distribution of wealth and neglect of youths as serious issues that came out of bad leadership in the country.

The theme of the program was ” My Portion in My Nation” and residents of Kubwa were given free medical services by the church.

Speaking on the progress made by the nation since 53 years ago, he said though the nation might not have arrived at the Promised Land there hopes that things would be better.

His words: ” I’m a man of faith, no matter how bad it has been, we probably might not have arrived where we desired to arrive. Definitely we desire for a better Nigeria and I tell you we are doing well, things are getting better. The only problem we have is leadership. We have leadership problem and our leaders have not handled issues very well.

“It has given birth to other issues. Joblessness is one of the major reasons why we have crises in the country, lack of equitable distribution of wealth is another reason why we have the vandalisation of pipeline, neglect of the youth is the reason why we have kidnappers. Aside that inordinate ambition of our leaders to hold on to power unnecessarily.

“As a result of that they have gone out to train some youths, give them so much money and at the end of the day when they get to the office they neglect these youths. And these youths having known that there is money in the hands of these people resulted to kidnapping and so it is working against them now. Those who have trained them as political thugs the youths are not turning to them.

“The issue of Boko Haram: I’m not speaking for Boko Haram. I was listening to an interview on a radio yesterday and a woman spoke that we need to look deeply into the issue of Boko Haram that the initial argument of the sect’s leader Yusuf Mohammed who was killed was that the leaders who have gone to school did not use the education to better the life of the people.

“Rather they have made the people to be poorer while amassing wealth to themselves and they are making slaves out life of the people and that was why Mohammed Yusuf came up with the idea of Boko Haram. That man died and because of other vices in the country; poor economy of the nation, people took the opportunity to pick up arms, killing and robbing people and doing all manners of things that are happening in the country now.

“I believe seriously in the country Nigeria. I want to appreciate the present government for giving more room for freedom of speech because yesterday the press didn’t have the kind of liberty they have now to write certain things and because of that I believe some of things that nobody like me will say somebody somewhere will hear it. Now government is hearing more than never before. They don’t hear what they want to hear again. Yesterday they can only listen to what they want to hear but now people are speaking out. Fortunately, civilisation and ICT have made it easy for people to say what they like from the comfort of their room. So government is hearing that people are not comfortable, people are not happy and I know that this is helping us to keep them where they belong.

“But I believe things will get better, if not for evils that have taken over everywhere may be Jonathan administration would have done better than this were it not for distractions,” he said.