Charles Novia Labels ‘Jim Iykes Deliverance’ At Synagogue Midlife Crises

charles Novia

Movie producer and respected critic of the arts, Mr. Charles Novia, has joined the long list of commentators on the recently publicised ‘deliverance’ underwent by controversial actor Jim Iyke.

The role interpreter reportedly was delivered off ‘demons’ at equally controversial place of worship, Synagogue Church Of All Nations with Prophet T.B (Temitope Balogun) Joshua as front person.

Details of the ‘deliverance’ session, including video and photos released by the ministry, and endorsed by the ‘delivered’ actor, sparked off a horde of social discourse with most of the commentators critical of the whole episode.

Ex Actor’s Guild President, Segun Arinze tagged it ‘a big embarrassment’ and went to on to query ‘Una don carry Nollywood enter Church abi? (Are happenings in Churches now make believe?’)…How much did he get paid…?’

The popular actor reportedly made this explosion via blackberry broadcast.

On a separate social media forum, (Twitter)- respected critic Charles Novia shared a related opinion.

He labelled the development ‘Mid- Life Crisis’.

Some of the comments his comments are reproduced below:

‘So, Jim got ‘delivered’ of an evil demon in a popular Church recently? Mmmm. Chai! Strange things happen. And after Jim Iyke’s deliverance, the ‘new’ Jim Iyke barked out at his P.A about his shoes off his legs? Hmmm. All I can say is that whatever floats your boat, brother. Better send those poor women you have dated to same church for same’

‘These Nollywood stars and the rush for ‘deliverance’. Dem need am sef. God save us producers from some of the demons we cast. I’m not insulting anyone. I just feel that ‘deliverance’ issues are personal. Not with cameras and klieg lights. De demon na star?. I know I’m treading on dangerous grounds here, especially when it comes to spiritual stuff and celebs but I have a right to comment since it’s public. My moon lighting as a critic makes analytical cynicism a part of my job. We’re afraid too much of speaking our mind. I do think though that Jim was brave to go for deliverance. It is a first step to total recovery. I wish him well. Honestly I do.’

‘Like I said, Jim has my best wishes. Good actor, he is. We go through mid-life crisis one time or the other. Genuine God discovery helps.’