Camp commandant denies allegation of diversion of relief materials

Camp commandant denies allegation of diversion of relief materials

The commandants at the internally displaced peoples camps in Benue have denied allegations that officials were demanding sex from young girls in exchange for giving out relief materials to them.

The Camp commandant at St. Catherine camp, Diana Aker refuted the allegations of sex for relief materials at her camp saying.

‘This is an open camp how can any sane and rational thinking person indulge in such act when everything anyone does here can be observed even from a distance?”

The commandant of the Wurukum camp, Terumbur Alabar as denied it ever happened at her camp. He said it was the first time he was hearing about this sex for food describing the allegation as mischievous.

He further disclose that no single item has left the camp premises after it was handed over to them as they have tried to make the most of the donations they have received to the benefit of the displaced persons.

Also the state executive secretary of Benue state Emergency And Management Agency (SEMA) Adikpo Agbatse expressed shock over the sex for food claims saying there is no iota truth as those making those baseless allegations are only trying to smear the image of his agency,

“Everyone can say what the like but note that posterity will one day judge whoever might have given false accusation against his fellow human being”

Mrs. Akera further disclosed that even the issue of food diversion is untrue describing the level of vigilance of the displace persons in camp therefore it is very difficult to be involved in any shady deal.

Food diversion

Some of the displaced people claim that the officials are diverting food meant for them.

Terkura Ayila, a displaced person at the camp, tongue lashed the management of SEMA for poor handling of the relief materials owing to inadequate supply of food items to the victims and enjoined the officials to improve henceforth for the betterment of all and sundry.

He described the ration of food given to the family as small compared to what we heard was donated and wondered aloud what they were doing with the huge donations and unissued mattresses in the stores when the victims in the camps are sleeping on bare floor.

Some of the displaced persons who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed how food grains like rice were measured in small units of bowel and distributed to families despite collecting over hundreds of bags of rice apart and other food items donated for their use.

Some of the displaced persons in the camp said they said cars come into the camps at night but cannot tell if it was food items that were been evacuated as most of them said they have not seen any loading of items taking place.

A priest who does not wish to be mentioned described how the camp officials are benefiting from the donations

Mr Agbaste said this is not true: “we have so much in stock to serve the 19,000 IDPs that in such a way that we don’t know what to do there are enough relief materials such as rice, beans, yams, detergents, mattresses so on and so forth so it can go over all the people at the camps and further expressed no cause for alarm so the issue of diversion is baseless and uncalled for”