Biafran Group To FG: Give Boko Haram Sharia Country, Not Amnesty

By Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

A group, Biafra Liberation Council (BLC) has called on the Federal Government to think of granting a sharia state or country to the radical Boko Haram sect instead of the planned amnesty.

The group stated this yesterday through a press release sent to ThePost signed by its spokesperson, Comrade Amaechi Nwaofia.

The massage statement reads:   “The Federal Government headed by Goodluck Jonathan is perfecting plans to grant amnesty to the terror group known as Boko Haram, thereby shielding its members from being prosecuted in spite of the numerous crimes they have committed against humanity”.

“We are not surprised that the Nigerian state is considering the amnesty package, which may include handsome rewards for the terror group rather than checkmating their nefarious activities given the fact that the primary target of the terrorists in their jihad operations are the Igbos, the people of Biafra.”

“Rather than the so called amnesty, If Nigeria truly wants peace; they should form a committee that will handle the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria to enable Boko Haram as well as other sections like Biafran groups to have the country of their dreams.”

They also noted that it is unimaginable that a group which has killed hundreds of Ndigbo in the North because they refused to embrace Islam is being considered for amnesty.

“May we warn that if the government goes ahead and grants amnesty to these killers, we will no longer continue to restrain militant Igbo groups from embarking on reprisal attacks against Northern elements within the territory of Biafra”, BLC warned.

BLC added: “Most importantly, we will hold Good luck Jonathan and his cohorts accountable for the genocide being committed against Ndigbo in the name of Islamic jihad in the north at the right time”.