Amaechi’s Lies Against Me, Jonathan – Wike

Amaechi’s Lies Against Me, Jonathan – Wike

Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt


The Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike has described the statement credited to the Minister of Transportation and Former Rivers State Governor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi  as political lies.

In a statement sent by Wike’s media men, the governor said: “ Our attention  has been drawn to a statement credited to the Minister of Transportation and Former Rivers State Governor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi wherein he claimed that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike  was responsible for his inability  to  clear  the  two Bell 412 helicopters.

That allegation  is totally  false, baseless and unfounded  as the documents  regarding  the communication  between the Rivers State Government and the relevant Federal Agencies on the said helicopters   are in the public domain.

“From the  statement  released  by  the  Former Rivers State Governor, the Jonathan administration through  the  office of the the NSA paid $15m, which was half of the cost of the two armoured helicopters.

“ At no point in the entire transaction did Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike then a Minister interfer with the process of the acquisition of the helicopters. He had no reason  to stop a process for which the then Jonathan administration  committed $15m as admitted by Mr Amaechi, a politician  who is notorious  for his obsession for falsehood.

“Furthermore, contrary  to  Amaechi’s  claim  that his administration  improved  security  in the state, his administration  was compelled to procure armoured  helicopters  because  of the porous  security nature of the state at the time.

“Despite the Former Governor’s  refusal to formally  hand over, Governor Wike  embarked  on  due diligence, discovered  the transaction  and followed up   the interest  of Rivers State and the security of the people.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Rivers State Government under the leadership of Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike  took proactive  steps to clear the helicopters for security purposes, but the concerned  Federal agencies  deliberately blocked the State Government.

As a result of the commitment  of the Rivers State Governor to the security  of lives and property devoid of partisan politics  , he applied to the President  for the two Bell 412  helicopters  to be  handed over to the Nigerian Air Force for custody and management.

“ This patriotic request of Governor Wike  was approved by the National Security Adviser (NSA)  vide a letter dated November 3, 2016 and signed on behalf of the NSA by Brigadier General AT Famadewa.

“Despite the  documentary approval by the NSA  for the transfer of the  two Bell 412 helicopters to the Nigerian  Airforce, it was shocking  that the Nigerian Custom Service  had to stage a  drama that the helicopters  were imported  by  unknown persons and that the service  had resolved  to transfer same to the Nigerian Air Force.

“Mr Amaechi’s  press release  filled with bitterness, lies and political  blackmail  is a proof that he was behind this crime against the people of Rivers State.  It is  sad that the former governor  would take his hatred for the people of Rivers State  to the level of masterminding  the diversion of security  helicopters  paid for with Rivers funds, which he now wants to be used in other states.

“That the security helicopters  were hijacked by the Nigerian Customs Service  at a facility  under the control of the failed former governor shows the level he is ready to go as regards the politicisation  of security with a view to attaining  unpatriotic goals.

“Since Mr Amaechi  left office in 2015, he has been sponsoring  crime and criminality  in Rivers State with a view to creating the environment  for the declaration of State of Emergency on Rivers State.  However, he has continued  to  fail because  the  Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike  is always ahead of him through the initiation and sustenance  of a sound security architecture.

“Despite the fact that the former governor’s press release  was filled with falsehood, one point has been  established.  The two Bell 412 Helicopters  belong to the Rivers State Government.  The drama  staged by the Nigerian Custom Service and the Nigerian Air Force was therefore unnecessary and unpatriotic .