Amaechi says NFF is corrupt, calls for Its dissolution

Amaechi says NFF is corrupt, calls for Its dissolution

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has been described as a graft ridden body which current board should not continue to exist.

The Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi made the observation and recommendation yesterday at the Presidential Sports Retreat, said that the dissolution of the NFF was the key to the country regaining its lost glory in football.

He observed in his paper titled “State government and sports development” that governors were discouraged from giving ample financial support to sports because of the deep rooted corruption  in the Federation.

The governor who is the chairman of the Governor’s Forum recalled how the Presidential Task Force he chaired recommended the dissolution of NFF damning the consequence of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) banning the country for two years.

“We recommended that to stop FIFA from banning us we should withdraw from international competition for two years. Let us come back home and start afresh. We will perform better later. Today what you have is an NFF that is corrupt”.

According to him, once there is transparency the governors are capable and will be encouraged to provide funding for sporting activities, adding that it was not right that public funds should be mismanaged as is currently being done by some sports administrators.

“Those who administer public should do so judiciously and transparently,” he said.

He said what was sustainable was for the country to revive primary school sports and for the country to train qualified coaches if it wants to see result.

The governor recalled that one of the recommendations of the presidential task force committee was a total overhaul of the coaching crew in football.

“We said that clearly the present coaching crew does not have what it takes to coach. We said they should be sent abroad for training while we hire a foreign coach to handle our team for a while just like Westerhof did”.

Amaechi said “part of the problem is the implementation. Mr. President you must insist on implementation else we will gather again in 2015 to discuss sports”.