Adube’s Widows, Children Relive How Their Breadwinner Was Killed

Adube’s Widows, Children Relive How Their Breadwinner Was Killed

The widows and the surviving children of late Chief Christopher Nwalinsor  Adube gave account of how their father and husband was murdered:

On 3rd of April 2015 unknown gunmen stormed the house of Chief Christopher Nwalinsor at No.9 Ossah Street in Obirikom, Ogba/Egbema/ Ndoni Local government of Rivers State. Their intention was to wipe the entire family of Chief Adube.  They almost succeeded, maybe because some of Adube’s children were not at home when they arrived.  The widow of the deceased said the callous hunters celebrated their hunt when they murdered Chief Adube, three of his children, driver and family friend before leaving.

Adube’s three sons, Joy, Lucky and John Adube including his driver Mr. Ikechukwu Ogarabe and a family friend who were murdered the same day have been buried earlier before now. While two of his children Paul and Ogechi Adube who survived the gunshot are presently living in pains due to the pellets that are yet to be extracted out of their bodies.

Both the widows and the children who survived the massacre still live in traumatic experiences that sadden them greatly when they remember the incident.  The 15-years-old Paul who was shot on his legs is now a cripple. He uses wheel chair to move around the house, his mother and siblings assist him to the toilet and bathroom. The family said he needs surgery abroad but because of the poor financial condition of the family the hope for his surgery is presently uncertain.

Narrating how he was shot, Paul said he saw a men dressed in military uniforms asking about his father, “Before I could open my mouth to ask them of their identities they shot me on the leg. While they went inside shooting anybody they see, one of them came back and shot me again on the other leg. After they rushed me to the hospital I came back home as a cripple. They said I could walk again if I undergo an important surgery abroad. I am begging the President of this country and other privileged Nigerians to assist me. “

Relating her own experience,  Ogechi one of the daughters of late  Adube who has rods in her legs that assist her to walk  said her problem  is that the rods inside her legs does not allow her to  fold her legs.“ I cannot fold my legs because I have rods inserted inside by legs, it is not easy for me, I need a surgery so I can live normal.”

On how she was shot, Ogechi said when she heard a gunshot at the gate, she ran inside the house and the gunmen followed her and shot her on her leg and while she was still unconscious and bleeding they came back and shot her on her right hand.

 The two widows of late Adube who identified themselves as Patience and Precious Adube said late Adube has 12 children before three were murdered. They revealed that the gruesome murder of their   husband and three children has not ended the killing that is taking place in the area on daily basis.

Mrs. Patience  Adube, one of the widows to late Adube,  said the only thing that could encourage them a little is for the security agency to arrest the killers of her husband and children. She said the painful part of it is that their children who are carrying pellets inside them are in desperate need of surgical operation abroad.  She called on the President Muhammadu Buhari and other APC chieftains in the state to assist her family.

Recalling the massacre that took place on the 3rd of April, Patience said it is too painful and boring   each time the picture of what happened resurfaced. “I don’t want to talk about this issue again because it is too much for me to bear each time I remember what happened on that fateful day.  It was on 3rd of April, 2015 by 5pm, I was inside my room when I heard a gunshot at the gate and when I rushed out I met a lifeless body of my husband’s driver surrendered by armed youths in military uniforms. When I ran inside with other of my family members who also heard the gunshot they followed us and started shooting anybody they see in the house.  One thing the gunmen continue asking when they entered our house was where is Chief Adube. They escorted me to my room and ordered me to lie down, while I was lying down some of them went inside my husband room and shot him. When the armed young man that held me hostage left my room I quickly brought out my phone to call one of my brothers and inform him of our horrible situation. But while I was struggling with my phone one of the gunmen saw me and said woman what are you doing with the phone and he forcefully took it away from me.

She continued, “When the gunmen have ended their mission one of them started calling them out saying we have done a neat job lets go. He repeated again, we have wiped out Adube’s family lets go. When they left I went to my husband’s room I saw four dead bodies and another one in our toilet added with the one at the gate.  Since the incident occurred nobody has been arrested in connection with the murder that took place in my family.  The family is suffering; there is no help, my son need surgery abroad. Apart from Hon. Obuagu who has been assisting us and the money Chibuike Amaechi gave us a day after the incident took place nobody has come to our aid. The remaining children who are in school are no longer going to school, we need help,” she pleaded.

 The second widow of late Adube, Mrs. Precious Adube said out of the three children she had for late Adube who were graduates only one survived. She said one of her son was killed when he was taking his bath. She called on the security agency to expose the killers and their sponsors the same way they wickedly pumped bullets on her innocent children. She vowed not to forgive the killers who she said have turned her to a helpless widow.

 While the remains of late Chief Christopher Nwalinsor  Adube   was laid to rest at the weekend  in his home town  Obirikom. His funeral was not different from the day he was murdered; every one heart was in pain, eyes full of tears as they lined up in solemn manner to look at Adube’s remains in the casket.

 His face and head suspected to be where the unknown angels of death pumped bullets on him where soldered with wood. Though a dead person does not smile but definitely with the outlook of his remains the spirits seems not to be happy especially when he knows that those who murdered him and his children are yet to be arrested.

 The funeral attracted family members, friends, well-wishers and supporters of All Progressives Congress (APC). Some of the APC chieftain at the burial ceremony include APC governorship candidate in 2015 General election,  Dr. Dakuku Peterside, former Commissioner of Works  Victor Giadom , Hon. Austin Ahiamadu , the executive Chairman of  Ogba/Egbema/ Ndoni Local government Council and other party loyalists  who came from far and near to  pay their last respect.

Hon. Austin Ahiamadu, the executive chairman of Ogba/Ebegma/Ndoni Local Government Council said the people of the local government are still in a deep shock over the gruesome murder of Chief Adube. He promised that the only thing those who love the deceased could do to him is to ensure justice over his death.

He described late Adube as a community leader, a chieftain of APC who died for a course he believed in, “Adube was an epitome of peace and he left a worthy footprint in Usomini clan in particular and ONELGA in general. We sincerely share in his grief, though he is dead but he fought a good fight as a martyr of political injustice.  But God who knows the end from the beginning and has the answer to all questions of life will comfort his family.”