Actors grieve over Amaka Igwe’s death

Amaka-IgweThe President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ibinabo Fiberesima, on Wednesday expressed grieve over the death of one the nation’s foremost film producer, writer and director, Amaka Igwe..

Fiberesima said that her death was a great loss to the movie industry.
“Amaka’s just that big sister that you want to hug all the time. You want her when you are confused and she just had a way of calming you down.
“She did a lot for Nollywood; she believed in professionalism. She also believed in Nollywood reaching the highest of heights.
She did everything in her power to make sure Nollywood was seen as a professional body.
“There was no easy way out with her; it was the right way no matter how hard.
“And she’s just somebody that we all will miss. She’s just going to be in all our hearts. It’s just a painful death.
According to Ibinabo, the industry was trying to contend with the series of bad news emanating from its ranks.
She advised members of the industry to seek the face of God and his divine intervention in its affairs.