North East Should Produce Senate President – Ndume

North East Should Produce Senate President – Ndume

The North East should be allowed to produce the next President of the Senate, Ali Ndume, senator representing Borno South in the upper chamber of the Federal Legislative has said.

Ndumen said the All Progressives Congress (APC) should zone the office of the Senate President to the North East because the area produced the second largest votes at the presidential election.

Ndume, a two-time senator, who spoke to journalists at the APC National Secretariat also said the zone was able to wrestle some states from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He said: “You see, the north east has produce the second largest votes for the APC during the last election and like I said if you are looking for people that will be consistent for being in opposition all this while, Borno and Yobe in particular have been consistent in opposition.

“Now that the power has shifted from the former majority party, PDP to the opposition and we happened to be there, that is one reason.

“Secondly, we are the most devastated in terms of the level of insurgency and marginalisation during this political dispensation.

“Thirdly,  the North East consists part of the poorest region on earth according to the United Nations human development indices. Because of her natural position, we will need to be placed in the power kitchen whereby we will not lacking.

“Because we have been marginalised, we are in a desperate need to ensure that he who is in the kitchen will never stay hungry.

“And lastly in the last election, the North East produced the second largest votes and then we took over two states from the PDP, Bauchi and Adamawa,” he added.